Industrial Image was begun by Jason & Erica Holcomb in Clyde, Ohio.

Jason was a packaging engineer and designer and Erica was a music teacher.  Together, they began Industrial Image starting with business cards and small corrugated signs.  After several years they were installing backlit signs on poles and dimensional letters.  Industrial Image was an extra source of income and a large hobby for Jason and Erica as they also assisted Erica’s father, Cliff Doebel, at Doebel’s Flowers to further the family greenhouse business.

After Cliff passed away in 2013, it was understood that Jason and Erica would not be pursuing the continuation of the greenhouse business and a change of career would be best.  Jason and Erica enjoyed designing and installing signs together; however, after Cliff’s passing it was too difficult for Erica continue to live and work at the location in Clyde directly behind the greenhouse.

In spring of 2016, Jason was offered a job in Indiana using his previous skills a packaging engineer and designer and it was a blessing to accept the position as he had been out of this career for over 16 years.

Jason and Erica have 2 children, Jessica and Jasmine, who really enjoyed being a help with signs and installations.  The whole family will miss their career of making signs, but are pleased with the new owners, the Griffin family.  The Griffin family has many talents and Jason and Erica are confident that they will serve the area well with signs and printing projects.